June 18, 2011

All Around Me

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:36 AM by brittygirl2

I have found in my own personal relationship with the Lord that the deeper I go in intimacy with him…the more I see him all around me. I stop looking and waiting for the big and noticeable things..and I start looking at life around me..

The rays of beautiful sunlight at 5:40am..

The generosity of a neighbor that communicates care..

The thoughtfulness of a friend when they seek to know my needs..

The laughter of a child that comes from simplicity and curiosity..

The peace and serenity that comes when night draws near and softly sings me to sleep..

The joy of being a part of giving for something more than myself..

The glance into a set of eyes that show the intensity of who God is..

The realization that I am never in want because God loves me..

The raindrops that pour down outside, nourishing the earths soil and the soil of my soul..

The beauty of the clouds that speak of majesty and splendor..

The stillness of midnight that calls me to close my eyes and soak in the wonder of who God is..

The songs of a bird that sing for new life and hope..

The feeling of human touch when someone surrounds me in a hug and lets their heart speak instead of words..

The echoes of a waterfall that tells me of God’s strength and power..

The grip of a baby’s finger that reminds me of God’s gentleness and compassion..

The sound of thunder roaring across the sky as I think about how God is just in all that he does..

The heat of the sun that creates a warm touch on my skin representing the warmth that God has placed in my heart..

The notes of a song flowing together to create a masterpiece that ministers to my spirit..

The blanket of God’s presence that rests on my shoulders like a cloak of protection..

The reality thats beyond my comprehension is that God is EVERYWHERE. I stop looking for where he is, and start recognizing all the ways he’s already there and I just don’t see it. The sun rises for me, because I am a beloved of the heavenly Father and my life is about a love story with him..the greatest love story I could ever experience. I am falling deeper each moment and getting lost in a love so incredible it leaves me in awe feeling completely satisfied…yet so undeserving.


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  1. bkcallahan said,

    Really beautiful post sis.. thanks for sharing 😉

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