May 7, 2011

From My heart to Yours

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To the one who has shown me unconditional love and support, and has proven trustworthy to remain faithful to that call each and every day….my Mom.

When emotions run deep and true within ourselves, so does the battle of expressing those feelings within the limitations of words. They seem to get lost inside and choked up by something thats so real and personal. If I could just peel back every layer in my heart…maybe then I could truly put into words everything that I long to say…

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is you. From the very day I was born, he gave me the gift of your life. He knew that the love you had for me and the power of your life was something that could not be replaced or purchased; something I desperately needed. The kind of love and commitment that requires a choice and is given out of desire…not duty.

Growing up I had the mom that was fun and everyone else was jealous of. You packed cool food for picnics. You played barbies. You took me to gymnastics. You taught me how to make brownies. You helped me memorize my favorite scripture verses. You fixed me tea parties so I could play dress up and act the role as princess. You took us on school adventures and field trips that no one else got the privilege of doing. You struggled with us through difficult school subjects and remained patient until we overcame them. You cooked meals we loved and spent your free time in the kitchen to surprise us with a new recipe. You made holidays special by providing time to celebrate and help us understand why it was important. You gave us tools to use our imagination. You emphasized the priority of building relationships with siblings so that everyday we would reap the fruit of that choice. You made our every need a priority. You validated us in our strengths and then gently encouraged us to overcome our weaknesses. You nurtured and pursued. You encouraged us to dream. You gave us wings, then let us fly.

As an adult I am able to experience the blessing of being not just your daughter..but your friend. You have made time to share whats on your heart and seeked to know mine. You have guided and counseled but not controlled. You have been an intercessor and prayer warrior on my behalf. You have supported me through every decision I’ve made and stood by each path God has called me on…even one that has taken me thousands of miles and an ocean away. You have breathed vision and life into me with your very being. You have spoken to the deepest places of my heart and allowed God to use you as a picture of how deep and intimate His own love for me is. You have been an anchor in my life that has kept me from wavering and floating adrift. You have challenged me to always stay true to myself and who I was made to be.

As you celebrate this Mother’s Day, I want you to know that I am beyond grateful for the blessing of our relationship and the impact you have on my life. I don’t take for granted the treasure I have been given; it is a treasure that becomes more precious with each day. Thank you for everything that you have invested into my life. Thank you for every sacrifice of love. Thank you for every hug, every laugh, every tear, every prayer. Though we cannot be present in body, my heart is with you this Mother’s Day as we contemplate together the richness of relationship God has blessed us with, and the hope of all that is yet to come.

I love you so much, and it is my prayer that I love you in return not out of my own weak, human love…but out of the supernatural love that has changed me and enabled me to experience what God’s love looks like in the form of a living angel…

I love you,




  1. Beth said,

    okay, I am crying now. I was already missing you so, and now it just aches more. A good ache though because a good ache comes from the joy of what is and not the longing for what isn’t. God has blessed us deeply. I count it a high call and high privilege to be your Mom, and I too look forward to the future that God chooses to grant us and eternity we have promised. Thank you for you words of life to my soul and for being the very hug from God to me. I love you so and miss you as much. Mom

  2. Garrett Callahan said,

    You guys are gonna make me cry!!!! golly gosh i love you =D

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