May 3, 2011

Just One Glance

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On Saturday night a group of us gathered together at the rescue home to watch the movie “Passion of the Christ”. Many of the rescued girls had not seen it and we thought it would be a good opportunity for many of them to see it for the first time. It was not required, but open to everyone. I was looking forward to it myself because the last time I saw it was when it first came out to theaters in 2004. That was 7 years ago! I remember the movie impacting me greatly so as I got ready to watch the movie again, it was the prayer of my heart that I would see it yet again in a new way. That the story would mean even more to me now, as my relationship with the Lord has deepened and matured over the years.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, its spoken in aramaic. We had thai subtitles on for the girls to understand the story of what was happening, and the rest of us just watched. I would actually strongly recommend watching it without subtitles in english because while it is important to hear the words, its also very eye opening to focus on the actions and the emotions of the characters. I have read the gospels many times, but reread them again before the movie so my mind was fresh on what happened. One of the things that stood out to me the most as I watched the movie was the scene where Jesus was carrying his cross up to Golgotha.

At this point he had been beaten and flogged almost beyond recognition. His body was extremely weak from the amount of blood loss. He was experiencing all pain that a human could. He was experiencing betrayal. He was experiencing an assault of mockery and insults. He was experiencing shock and weariness. He was experiencing the weight in his spirit of every sin ever committed…. he was in maybe one of the hardest parts of his sacrifice.

He falls to the ground, literally and completely unable to take even more more step with the cross bearing down on his back. The guards volunteer a man from the crowd to help this man called Jesus. The guards do not know that their very life and inheritance, their ability to love and forgive lie with this one man who has given up everything….this one man they call a coward.

Simon is pulled out of the crowd and forced to bear the full weight of the cross, as well as urge Jesus to continue walking before the guards lose their patience and strike him yet again. Thorns are piercing into his flesh. Blood is dripping from his face. His hair is matted. One eye is missing. His eyes are filled with tears that have been unshed. As Jesus drags himself up with every last bit of strength, he turns and looks straight into Simon’s eyes…

…What was Simon thinking as he was dragged from the crowd and forced to carry the weight of maybe what he thought to be “another man’s sin”?? What emotions were raging through his heart as his eyes made contact with Jesus? Was he feeling shame? Anger? Hurt? Confusion? Regret? Unbelief? Grief? Hopelessness? Fear?

Maybe a little of everything..

It was in that moment the tears began welling up as I felt yet another level of God’s mercy…his mercy that is so gracious to us through our life that is underserving every moment of everyday. I was overwhelmed by the power of love that overcomes us with just once glance into the eyes of Jesus. It has the power to redeem. The power to heal. The power to change. The power to love. The power to give us a gift that we would have no other way than by watching him – the Holy and Anointed One give up everything he was…so that we, as dark and lowly sinners, could be made into something precious that represents a beautiful story of one thing: LOVE. When God looked at us he saw something that his heart would never give up on: his creation. His constant pursuit of us is a never ending reminder that we are wanted and loved. Don’t run from to him. His love is big enough to cover you..


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  1. iwu2012breanna said,

    I watched The Passion Of Christ for the first time in April (on Good Friday!) and I cried through most of it, sobbing because it was so powerful. Thanks for sharing your experience šŸ™‚

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